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The Instructors at CPR Training Team dedicate their practice to Carston Wayne

Kimberly Kleppe-Murillo

About Me

Managing Partner Kimberly Murillo has had a long and distinguished career ranging from small business owner to corporate manager, and in diverse fields ranging from fitness to interior design.

Moonlighting as a group fitness instructor, Kimberly found it challenging to find CPR classes that fit into her demanding schedule.  Filling that need, CPR Training Team was created to take the training to the students.  CPR Training Team works with the specific needs of the client whether that be at nontraditional training sites or supporting nonroutine hours with flexible scheduling.

Kimberly's passion for health and wellness has led her to form this company to provide valuable lifesaving skills training.  While CPR certification may in many cases be a requirement for employment, Kimberly provides a personal approach with each individual ensuring that trainees are equipped with the skills necessary to save lives should the need arise.

Leilani Heying

About Me


Leilani Heying has been a Registered Nurse since 1995 and is licensed to practice in both Arizona and California.

She brings an expansive level of experience to CPR Training Team having worked in Telemetry, Progressive Care, Medical/Surgical, Cardiology, Orthopedics, Oncology, Diabetic and Congestive Heart Failure Education as well as Cardiac Stress Lab.  She understands firsthand the importance of saving a life by performing CPR.

Sharing her knowledge on executing CPR is her passion.  She wants everyone to have the skills should they find themselves in a situation in which CPR is necessary.  Leilani lives by the philosophy that one life saved means someone gets to hug their loved one longer.